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Looks like you're looking for a way to safely buy services for World Locks!
Block Corportation for Growtopia is indeed an option, but did you know that GrowStocks is a better, faster and safer alternative?
GrowStocks has processed 5447 orders (from World Clearing, Dirt Farm Making, Farmable Breaking, Ghost Busting, Painting, Platform Farm Making and Music Transcribing) and counting since the beginning of 2020; now that's a service you can trust and rely on!

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November 19th: Thanksgiving Week!

Gobble up Growtopians, Thanksgiving has returned! Celebrate this turkeytastic season with a gorgeous roast! Before you can do that, make sure to catch Turkeys across your worlds!

We promise you, this year's new Thanksgiving item sucks a lot! Introducing the Turkey Sucker! As the name implies, it allows you to capture Turkeys in a breeze. But be aware, it may break with a chance to receive the new Organic Turkey granting you the chance to obtain exclusive new items!

Find more details in our joint announcement with ThePsyborg's Dev Diary here:

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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