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Looks like you're looking for a way to safely buy services for World Locks!
Block Corportation for Growtopia is indeed an option, but did you know that GrowStocks is a better, faster and safer alternative?
GrowStocks has processed 4361 orders (from World Clearing, Dirt Farm Making, Farmable Breaking, Ghost Busting, Painting, Platform Farm Making and Music Transcribing) and counting since the beginning of 2020; now that's a service you can trust and rely on!

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September 17th: Estimated Market Price!

Hello Websurfers,

With our goal set to provide you all with the most accurate prices on the market, we've been working on some features to give you better information on every item's price:

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced Price Sources so you can have the ability to know where the item's price has been taken from - no more hidden surprises!

Today, we're rolling out a brand new feature called Estimated Market Price (found in an item's page) which will complement our own item prices to give you a higher degree of accuracy in your day to day price checking needs! We'll not get into the details of how it works, and not all items have this feature.

We'll now let you discover this new feature on your own!

We thank you for your trust,

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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