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Theme Customization

By Jabo

A plugin that gives you the power to take control over the website's design.
How to use
• Install the plugin
• Go to the homepage
• Click on the paintbrush icon on the bottom right of your screen and start customizing!

Mass Information

By Fishball Noodles

This plugin will allow you to view the recipes for any spliceable item.
How to use
• Install the plugin
• Visit the /splicing page from the homepage (Extra features section)

Bookmark Items

By DataCell

You can now bookmark items to your homepage for quick access!
How to use
• Install the plugin
• Visit an item page or the search page
• Star an item to bookmark
• Your bookmarks will appear on the homepage

Dark Mode

By useruser3

A dark reskin for GrowStocks.
How to use
• Install the plugin

Glassmorphism Theme

By SpelingBee

A glass design gives modern vibes.
How to use
• Install the plugin

Blue Lux Theme

By SpelingBee

A combination of dark colors with gold always give everything Luxury vibes.
How to use
• Install the plugin

Write your own plugin

By GrowStocks

Are you a JavaScript developer? You can now write your own plugin via our console, and publish it to this page!
Get started below, and when your plugin is ready for distribution, join our Discord server and send a DM to DataCell#4008.

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The GrowStocks Gazette

May 1st: Item of the Month!

The new Item of the Month Plasma Heart and Harmony's Subscriber Item Pink Platforms are out now! Go check them out!

Find more details about the May update in Ubidev's Changelog and Fixes here:

May 1st brings extra gems! Tapjoy payouts have been doubled permanently!

The Growtopia Survey for the Grow4Good charity event is now open!

Complete the survey on your mobile device to let us know what you think!

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team

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