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The GrowStocks Gazette

January 7th: Anniversary Week!

This year we celebrate 8 wonderful years of Growtopia! We are throwing everyone an eighties party! Totally full of fun retro, crazy confetti and party get up, to get you up and partying like never before!

We also adjusted the daily limit for primary store purchases as we've seen a need for it based on user behaviour and feedback. Oh there's more, the primary store packs offers 80% more gems during the Anniversary Week!

Find more details in our joint announcement with ThePsyborg's Dev Diary here:

And don't forget, the new Item of the Month Crown of the Cosmos and ReddMA's Subscriber Item Playful Pitchfork are out now as well!

Lastly, the Growtopia Survey for December is now available! Complete the survey on your mobile device to let us know what you think about the update!

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


 Report Item

Due to the enormous amount of troll reports we were constantly receiving, reporting items through the website has been disabled for the foreseeable future.
You can now report an item's price only through our Discord Bot. Click on the button below to join our Discord server.