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The GrowStocks Gazette

October 22nd: Halloween Week!

Put on your spookiest costume and go trick or treating as it's time for the scariest week of the year...

Halloween! Instead of creepy sweets, we've got great new items for you to discover. Find more details in our joint announcement with ThePsyborg's Dev Diary!

Visit GROWGANOTH and stay away from the Evil Eye's sight - we need you alive... for now!

Don't forget that the Guardian Application Survey is still open! Please keep in mind we're not going to accept any applications for a Moderator position, as Guardians are the entry point for becoming a Moderator.

We are also accepting applications only on this survey, you can't apply anywhere else! Fill out the survey below and visit the forum for more information!

Also check out the new Item of the Month Haunted Jack O' Lantern and the Subscriber Item designed by MACMACXD22!

Don't forget to join our Official Growtopia Discord Server on or click the link below!

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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