Daily Quest

Kansas Curls icon

200 Kansas Curls

Price: 50/1 WL


Rate: arrowdn-275%

Toasted Village Wall Seed icon

8 Toasted Village Wall Seed

Price: 2 WLs


Rate: arrowdn+50%

Item of the Month

Galaxy Aura icon

Galaxy Aura

Price: 85 WLs


Rate: arrowup-5.9%

Trending Items

GrowScan 9000 icon

GrowScan 9000

Price: 280 WLs


Rate: arrowup-7.1%

MAGPLANT 5000 icon


Price: 2850 WLs


Rate: arrowup+1.1%

Mobility Scooter icon

Mobility Scooter

Price: 9 WLs


Rate: arrowup+11.1%

Rayman's Fist icon

Rayman's Fist

Price: 4560 WLs


Rate: arrowup+4.6%

Diamond Lock icon

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The GrowStocks Gazette

March 26th: March Update!

Spring Clash's first installment has ended! See you next month!

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Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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