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Daily Quest (8 WLs)

Backpack icon

200 Backpack

Price: 80/1 WL


Rate: arrowdn-60%

Science Station Seed icon

5 Science Station Seed

Price: 5/5 WLs


Rate: arrowdn+50%

Item of the Month

Haunted Jack O' Lantern icon

Haunted Jack O' Lantern

Price: 88 WLs


Rate: arrowup-12.5%

Trending Items

Angel Wings icon

Angel Wings

Price: 27 WLs


Rate: arrowup+3.7%

Cave Blast icon

Cave Blast

Price: 18 WLs


Rate: arrowup-11.1%

Cyber Punk Mask icon

Cyber Punk Mask

Price: 70 WLs


Rate: arrowup+7.1%

Dreamcatcher Staff icon

Dreamcatcher Staff

Price: 370 WLs


Rate: arrowup+1.4%

GrowScan 9000 icon

GrowScan 9000

Price: 425 WLs


Rate: arrowup+2.4%

MAGPLANT 5000 icon


Price: 4650 WLs


Rate: arrowup-0.6%

Medical Scarf icon

Medical Scarf

Price: 65 WLs


Rate: arrowup-3.1%

Rayman's Fist icon

Rayman's Fist

Price: 9600 WLs


Rate: arrowup+13.7%

Diamond Lock icon

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The GrowStocks Gazette

October 8th: Wing Week Feedback Survey!

Wing Week is over! We hope you enjoyed it and were able to get your desired wings! And in an effort to improve game features, we would like to ask everyone to answer some questions about Wing Week! Complete the survey on your mobile device to let us know what you think!

Also check out the new Item of the Month Haunted Jack O' Lantern and the Subscriber Item designed by MACMACXD22!

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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