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Daily Quest (8 WLs)

Terracotta Pot Seed icon

200 Terracotta Pot Seed

Price: 200/1 WL


Rate: arrowdn0%

Toasted Village Background Seed icon

7 Toasted Village Background Seed

Price: 1 WL


Rate: arrowdn-50%

Diamond Lock icon

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New Items

Mood Mask icon

Mood Mask

Price: 275 WLs


Rate: arrowup0%

Items of the Season

Royal Guardian Armor icon

Royal Guardian Armor

Price: no price


Rate: arrowup0%

Guardian Armor icon

Guardian Armor

Price: no price


Rate: arrowup0%

Trending Items

MAGPLANT 5000 icon


Price: 7900 WLs


Rate: arrowup+38.5%

Mint Julep icon

Mint Julep

Price: 30000 WLs


Rate: arrowup+40%

Extra features

Crazy Jim icon

Quest Services

Say goodbye to hard quests and hello to easy quests!

Diamond Lock icon

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The GrowStocks Gazette

May 1st: Item of the Month!

The new Item of the Month Plasma Heart and Harmony's Subscriber Item Pink Platforms are out now! Go check them out!

Find more details about the May update in Ubidev's Changelog and Fixes here:

May 1st brings extra gems! Tapjoy payouts have been doubled permanently!

The Growtopia Survey for the Grow4Good charity event is now open!

Complete the survey on your mobile device to let us know what you think!

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team

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