What is GrowStocks?

GrowStocks is an organization that wants to help Growtopians by giving them a detailed overview on each item and its economy with a lot of cool widgets and easy to read graphs. The project is founded by Matteu, co-developed with DataCell.

What are the benefits of using GrowStocks?

GrowStocks is useful for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can calculate potential profits, using our time-price graphs for every item in our database. Sellers can check the current prices of items, and make informed choices about when to sell. GrowStocks makes price-checking easier, because we’ve already done it for you! Simply search for your item, and its price and history will pop up. GrowStocks will work harder to improve your user experience, by introducing more useful features and forging stronger bonds with our users!

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Why GrowStocks?

Is this a good investment? Maybe? Probably? I don’t know!?

This is a common question and response seen in our never ending pursuit of wealth in this game of economy. It’s no surprise the average player finds it hard to gauge what is a good investment or not. You have price manipulators, silenced trade worlds, developers deploying new game-changing updates with little warning. Never mind judging if it will rise, can we, as a single player, accurately judge the price? The answer is no.

Thus, our team decided to create this website. GrowStocks. By meticulously recording prices, and placing it in our own specialized algorithm, prices show up as a graph, depicting the history of the rise and fall of items. This allows you, the user, to decide for yourself the future of the item’s pricing, and make the best decision on buying your product.

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The GrowStocks Gazette

December 5th: Transmutabooth

Hello Growtopians,

We've just deployed our brand new Winterfest design! Get those Christmas vibes coming with new colours and an awesome new logo.

What do you think of the Winterfest design?

Time to get creative! The Transmutabooth has arrived, bringing all-new customization and clothing possibilities to Growtopia! Tired of having to make outfits around mods instead of y'know, LOOKING AMAZING? Well, with the

Transmutabooth, you can layer the visuals of one item on top of another, giving it an all-new look while keeping its mods! The possibilities are crazy, so grab one from the store and crank your imagination into high gear!

You can find full details on the update here:

Transmutabooth Update!

Oh, and don't miss out on the rest of December's updates! Here's what we've released (so far!):

ItemSprites.png December's IOTM: Dueling Star Fighter! Lighting up the void of space with blazing laser blasts, these twin star fighters are locked in a duel for galactic dominance! Join the fight with this unique two-part IOTM - will you choose a side, or play for both?

And of course, Winterfest is just around the corner! Get ready to make Growch happy again (and again)!

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Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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