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High Tech Block

Price: 160/1 WL


Rate: arrowup-6.7%

- Item Price Information

Price Status: STABLE

Demand Status: SEMI-STABLE

Investment Status: UNSAFE INVESTMENT

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November 12th: Mutant Kitchen Rebalanced!

Hello Growtopians,

Something strange has bubbled back to the surface! The Mutant Kitchen has reopened, now with rebalanced values, costs, and drops to make it a little more fun and freaky!

Oh and don't forget to check out the rest of November's updates here:

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ItemSprites.png October Subscriber's Item: Wolfy Tank Top

Check out the update on our Chat System can now sort your messages with different chat tabs!

For more details, please check our update here:

Chat Update!

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Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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