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GrowStocks Pay is the next generation payments processing system for Growtopia!
Ever wanted PayPal to make its way into Growtopia? You can now send, receive and pay for stuff online without the hassle of going through multiple worlds and donation boxes to pay the people you owe!
You can also use GrowStocks Pay with our network of partners (e.g. Growrr) to simplify your online purchases!
What makes us trusted, you might say? We'll let the numbers speak for themselves: at the very moment you're reading this message, GrowStocks Pay holds 13,887 World Locks in deposits from fellow Growtopians like you!

Isn't that a payments processor you can rely on?
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The GrowStocks Gazette

April 1st: Easter Week & April Update!

Who's eggs-cited for Easter Week? This 2021, start hunting as millions of eggs have been hidden all over Growtopia. Collect some Magic Eggs to grow your Bunny Eggs, and unlock the Golden Egg Carton via the store! Enter EGGRESCUE using an Egg Rescue Ticket and bring the Eggs to the Baskets to win awesome prizes! We've also got an eggs-clusive Easter Marvelous Mission so enjoy this egg-ceptional week and hop away!

Find more details in our joint announcement with Morse's Dev Diary here:

The new Item of the Month Grow X Rocket Wings and March's Subscriber Item Dashing Dolphin Hat chosen by ALEXALORE are out now as well!

And the Growtopia Survey for the March Update is now open! Complete the survey on your mobile device to let us know what you think!

Happy browsing, everyone!

- The GrowStocks Team


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